Terry Malone

Co-Director Benjamites

I'm the secretary of the board of a Assembly of God church planted in 2008 that is a pioneering work. We are different than a lot of Assembly of God churches in that we worship on the 7th day Sabbath, we have come back to the Hebrew roots of the faith. We are seeking to be Torah observant in every area of our lives. -I'm a licensed Assembly of God minister since 2009. -I have been a part of kids and youth ministry since 2004. -I was road and stage manager and sound engineer for a youth contemporary praise group called 40 Days Strong for 6 years. -I am one of the leaders of a group of four fellowships who have come together to form the group H.M.A. (Hebraic Ministers Alliance) in Northeast TN since 2015. -I'm developing our Torah Rangers program that teaches discipline, respect, honor, survival skills, love of God, love our neighbor, love God's Word, love ourselves, and love our fellowship. It also is a pioneering work. It is geared towards boys and girls ages 6-18. -I'm co-director of Camp Mashiac's Benjamite/Wilderness Tribe for the ages of 6-11.

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