Steve Rhea

Special Speaker
Steve Rhea grew up in a Christian home and basically went to church his entire life. His father was an art teacher, his mother was a music teacher, and his two sisters played violin and chose professions in the music industry. Thus, it would stand to reason that Steve became an engineer. After he graduated from college, he settled into his job and became active in his local church where he became the youth minister and the worship leader (not a really big church). He married Precious (a music teacher) and they had three children: Alena, Cami, and Doren. Eventually, Steve became dissatisfied with “church as usual.” He and a small group of men he studied with just felt that God desired a deeper level of intimacy with us than we were achieving. During that time of searching Abba’s heart, the Rhea family discovered a group of people studying the Hebraic roots of Christianity. The more they learned, the more the puzzle pieces fell into place. They had discovered ways to better please Father. Steve believes that success in life is directly related to success in relationships. He has studied the way Yahweh has uniquely wired and gifted people, learned to authentically value them, and analyzed how people in successful relationships have overcome the challenges of dealing with each other’s less-than-perfectness. Steve will challenge and encourage you to better understand how Abba uniquely created you, value the differences in how Abba uniquely created others, and prepare for your calling.