Matthew Miller

Camp Director

Matthew Miller, Pastor of the Vineyard, has a heart to reach the lost and to positively impact the community through the love of Yeshua. Matthew and his wife of 15 years, Jessica, have three young children, two daughters and a son. Serious about God’s admonition to be one, they strive to serve the Lord as a team. Since early childhood, Matthew knew God had a call on his life to be a pastor. But for over a decade, starting in his teens, he ran from that call. During that time he found himself living a lifestyle of sin and death. He was involved in a lifestyle of drugs, alcohol, and violence which eventually led him to live on the streets of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Then Yeshua, by His grace, delivered him and filled him with The Holy Spirit. With a rekindled fire Matthew entered seminary, seeking the TRUTH!

For 7 years, he trained for ministry in an Assembly of God Seminary and church. During those years, the Lord had Matthew researching the Roots of the modern Christian Church. And then, in a defining moment, Matthew knew the specific call on his life: to restore the body of Christ to its Hebraic Foundation. In obedience to the Lord’s direction, and after several more years of tutelage, this time with a Messianic Rabbi, Matthew was ordained, and in 2010 he was given his assignment: start a congregation in Johnson City.

The Vineyard has a simple message. Jesus to the Lost and Come out of her My people to the elect of God trapped in the systems of religion.

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